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      Hisun technology center contains more than 50 individual labs and employs more than 150 R&D researchers, 10 postdoctoral work in the Postdoctoral Programme annually. More than 20 advanced researchers and technical advisers from USA, Germany and Italy provide Hisun with technology and information support in many fields. Hisun maintains good co-operative relations with over 30 research institutes in China, and has conducted joint R&D programs in new medicines with American, Japanese research organizations. It spends over 8‰ of its sales revenue annually in research and development. 
      Its R&D scope covers diversified areas, such as biotechnology, chemical synthesis, microbial fermentation, natural plant extracting and formulation development. The range of treatment product involves in oncology, anti-parasite, antilipemic, anti-infection, endocrine regulation, immunosuppressant and antidepressant.
      The Center is comprised of seven R&D departments, one multi-functional pilot plant and four centers:  
      Microbiology R&D Department is equipped with automatic multi-use fermentation equipments from Switzerland.
      Chemical synthesis R&D Department focuses on non-infringing patent process and innovative drug researches.
      Biotechnology R&D Department works together with overseas research institutes on the A class new drug of genetic engineering. 
      Plant Extraction R&D Department has started to research and develop drug in treating diabetes, anticancer and anti-viruses.
      Formulation R&D Department mainly focuses on the development of new dosage form such as sustained release, controlled release and targeting etc., which speed up the internationalization of Hisun finished product.

      Environment Protection R&D Department works with various home and overseas environment protection institutions to joint effort, continuously support and improve the treatment level of three wastes.

      Agro-chemical R&D Department devotes in developing new products through technical innovations, continuously improving the core competitive strength.
      The pilot plants are designed according to the international multi-use design concept. Fermentation pilot plant imports 200L to 5000L automatically controlled fermentors from Italy. Synthesis pilot plant is adaptable to ultra-high temperature reaction and ultra-low temperature reaction from minus 100 centigrade to 300 centigrade. The maximum pressure of high-pressure reaction can reach 100 atmospheres and equipped with freeze drying, spray drying, refining and packing facilities, which are used in the synthesis of chiral drug and high-end compound.
      Strain Identification and Preservation Center uses genetic engineering technology to modify microorganism manufacture strains, continuously optimizes and integrates biological resources, and has made a great breakthrough in the field of genetic engineering marker and high yield microorganism strains. Meanwhile, the space technology applies in microorganism strains with continual innovation; the production efficiency of more than 20 strains has significantly increased after being spaceship-carried.
      The Experimental Animal Centre constructs according to the national breeding standard of the experimental animals, and provides assurance for new drug researches.
      Analysis Center invested more than 3 million dollars to import advanced examining instruments such as nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus, X-ray single crystal diffraction meter, mass spectrometry and atomic absorption spectrophotometer etc..
      Patent Information Center has collected the most complete Journal of Chemical Abstracts in China so far.

      Apart from this, since it was established, the company has always maintained good cooperative relationships with many top scientific institutes in China. With such joint efforts, Hisun Chemical has come out as a centre for technical innovations in the field of Agrochemicals in China.

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